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Highly Qualified Clinicians

Our highly qualified and experienced dentists focus on a range of treatments to cover all your cosmetic concerns.

Non-Surgical Treatments

We focus on a range of non-surgical treatments, allowing our customers to get right back on with their busy lives.

Multiple Locations

Wrinkle Free Me treatment centers are available in multiple locations throughout Australia. Visit our locations page for details.

Our Services

Wrinkle Free Me focuses on doing a few things exceptionally well. Our clinicians are both highly qualified and experienced in all areas of cosmetic enhancement and focus on non-surgical treatments allowing for minimal down time. Our anti-aging treatments allow you to feel rejuvenated along with a new look we know you will love. Below are some of the treatment areas we focus on.

Frown Lines
Forehead Lines
Crow's Feet
Smokers Lines
Lip Enhancement
Marionette Lines
Bunny Lines
'Dumpling/Apple' Chin
Neck Lines
Eyebrow Lift
  • I had a fantastic experience with my visit at Wrinkle Free Me. I was unsure of what I wanted but the staff were more than willing to help with, explanations of treatments and their opionions about what they saw suitable to me. All the staff were warm and friendly and couldn't be more helpful! What a lovely experience at the Wrinkle Free Me!!

    Samantha Burns, Happy Customer

  • I've had a lot of procedures previously but I have found that the way Wrinkle Free Me handled eveything took a lot of the stress and the fear out of the precedures. All my concerns were answered well and informatively.

    Chantelle Wright, Happy Customer

  • I love Wrinkle Free Me because the staff are so professional and really know what they are talking about when it comes to beauty services. They ask what you want to see improved and then they prescribe a treatment to best suit your needs. I cant wait to go back to get more things done.

    Sarah Howard, Happy Customer

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