About Us

Our Company Background

Wrinkle Free Me is a group of cosmetic clinics focusing on anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. Winkle Free Me has many clinics available to our clients located throughout the east coast of Australia. Our team of experienced dentists are led by our founders Dr Sham Jamal (BDS Sydney) and Dr Dail Kim (BDS Melbourne) who have over 20 years combined experience in both practicing and teaching cosmetic dentistry.

We focus on many treatments including: frown lines, forehead lins, crows feet, bunny lines, gummy smile treatment, smokers lines, lip definition and volume enhancement, nasiolabial folds, marionette lines, and many other problematic areas.

Dentists are in the unique position of studying head and neck anatomy more than any other health stream at an undergraduate level, we spend most of our days injecting into the delicate tissues of the face. Not only can we assess your facial aesthetic concerns but can also advise you on your smile.

Wrinkle Free Me also offer sub contracting services available to health and beauty businesses wishing to expand into offering anti ageing treatments to their clients.

Qualified Clinicians

All of our injectors are qualified dentists with many years experience. No nurses consulting with Drs on iPads at Wrinkle Free Me.

No Over-Diluting

All dilutions are per manufacturers recommendations. We will never dilute product to ensure the best and longest lasting results.

Multiple Locations

Wrinkle Free Me clinics are available all over the east coast of Australia. Visit our locations page to find a Wrinkle Free Me clinic near you.

Our Team

Dr Dail Kim (BDS Melbourne)

Dentist & Injector

Dr Dail Kim is the owner and principle dentist at Riverside Dental. Dail has practised here for over 10 years and has a special interest in dental implants and orthdontics. Dail regularly performs anti-aging treatments from his clinic in Melbourne. He regularly travles to Korea to provide injection training.

Dr Sham Jamal (BDS Sydney)

Dentist & Injector

Dr Sham Jamal is the owner of Australia Fair Dental Care, one of the largest dental practices in the country. He spends most his time doing cosmetic dentistry and implants. Sham was in the first group of dentists to be trained to perform anti-aging treatments and has performed thousands of injections since.